Nautica in 2017

Nautica celebrates its 20th Anniversary and gives itself, in honour of this milestone, a complete face lift. It was a bit of a challenge, please continue reading …


CWH van Dam brings the towed barge DAMCO 1 into service


The latest new built barge DAMCO 298 leaves the Merwede Shipyard in Hardinxveld


Damco Scheepvaart Mij. and Gebr de Haas Tankrederij merge into De Haas & Damco Scheepvaart BV


De Haas Damco becomes a 100% subsidiary of the Royal Nedlloyd Group and operates further as Nedlloyd Rijn- en Binnenvaart BV


The pusher Nedlloyd 1 comes into service and starts the shuttle service between Rotterdam / Amsterdam and the Soybean Factory (Central Soya Utrecht BV) in Utrecht.


The Rhine RoRo Service is founded by Nedlloyd Rijn – en Binnenvaart BV, Interrijn and Rhenus (aka. Rhenania, Wincanton)


Nedlloyd Rijn- en Binnenvaart BV starts a cooperation with the Verenigde Tankrederij  for the transport of bunker, fuel and crude oil. This cooperation is being called Unilloyd Tankrederij


During the opening of the Main Danube Canal,  Nedlloyd Rijn- en Binnenvaart is represented by the barge Zephir  from the Smith-Kuiper family. A giant rock of 2500 T is being delivered by this barge which is to be added to the monument. This monument symbolises the connection of the Danube and its Rhine riparian states.


NRB sells all its shares in Unilloyd Tankrederij to the VT. The entire bunker fleet and personnel are transferred to the Verenigde Tankrederij.


NRB continues in a down-sized form as a charter organisation for privately owned barges and the pusher Nedlloyd 1 and its 33% interest in Rhine Ro-Ro Service BV.


The Royal Nedlloyd Group is no longer interested in Rhine and Inland Navigation. By means of a Management Buy Out, Nautica Binnenscheepvaart BV is established with two offices, one in Ridderkerk (Netherlands) and one in Mainz (Germany) The 33% interest in the Rhine RoRo Service remains in the hands of Eurobarge


At the end of 1997, Nautica Binnenscheepvaart BV became established! The pusher Nedlloyd 1 is renamed Nautica 1. The adventure started with 4 employees in Ridderkerk and 3 employees in Mainz. The office building in Ridderkerk is shared with MSG and DTG.


Nautica Binnenscheepvaart BV takes over the 33% interest in the Rhine Ro-Ro Service from Eurobarge BV (at that time a Nedlloyd subsidiary, which transferred to the Danser Group).


Nautica, now with 6 employees, moves together with MSG, to the Maasboulevard in Zwijndrecht.


Nautica celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a great party for both customers/relations and barge owners and looks back on a successful anniversary party.


Nautica decides to donate to charity instead of sending the traditional Christmas gifts. For the coming years, we choose small projects, such as  Foundation Het vergeten kind, Foundation Het Leontienhuis and the Linda foundation


Nautica celebrates its 20 years Anniversary and gives itself, in honour of this milestone, a complete face lift. Both the corporate identity and the website are given a new look.