A good result requires cooperation!

Ricardo Linke finished his education as a  Speditions Kaufmann at Frankfurt Airport. He discovered  Nautica on the internet and was of the opinion that both businesses ‘are on the move’.   Both in aviation as well as in inland barging.  So the next step was to apply for a job. A committed young man who enjoys working together with people and is not easily put off balance.

Ricardo says: “I am just an ordinary guy, who enjoys his work”. He is happy, appreciates his colleagues and likes to play football and hang out with friends in town.

Ricardo likes it when the shipper requests the best possible logistic solution and at the same time he receives the question from the barge owner: ‘don’t you have a trip to X because ..?’

He does his research and negotiates, meets the shipper’s requirements and tells the barge owner ‘I arranged it for you’.

When chartering a barge, I sometimes speak to more than twenty people, that is fascinating!

You do not always control the business as you want to. The question remains: ‘do you manage it or not? That is a big responsibility. It gives a good feeling to achieve good results.’

What does a great day look like for you?

“When the ‘mission is accomplished” and all parties involved are satisfied. In order to achieve good results you need to work together. That feels good in the end. Receiving a call saying: ‘that trip went well, thank you for your effort”,  adds to this feeling.

Do you dare to say something about 2018?

We are doing our best to expand, I am convinced we will succeed.

You do not find the dynamics of barging in any other industry.